Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Safembryo is a specialized center for non invasive prenatal testing, which was created following the rapid development in the field of Genetics and the development of a new non-invasive test for detecting the most common chromosomal abnormalities. This test responds to the need of pregnant women in a painless, 100% safe technique to investigate the health of their fetus.

Our personnel are the most qualified in Greece in this area with long-term training abroad, scientific publications and world-class partnerships.

We aim

To provide with seriousness and responsibility the best possible information for the non-invasive prenatal tests, based on the fact that we know in depth this technology and its capabilities, so the pregnant woman can take the best decision for her and her fetus.

Our ambition

Is to become synonym for the noninvasive prenatal screening in Balkans, providing the best information and service and helping each individual pregnant woman to choose the most suitable non-invasive test depending on her personal risk factors.

We collaborate

Exclusively with the Pioneer American company Sequenom and its cfDNA tests. VisibiliT detects the most common chromosomal abnormalities with a sensitivity of 99.9%. MaterniT21 Plus detects 17 syndromes (13 in multiple pregnancies). MaterniT GENOME is the only one that analyzes every fetal chromosome at the same depth of analysis as karyotype.


Who are we?

Ageliki Gerovassili
Ageliki GerovassiliGeneticist, BSc, PhD
My name is Ageliki Gerovassili and in 2001, I graduated from the Department of Molecular Genetics, University of King’s College London with Honours. In 2002, I completed my master’s degree in “Prenatal Genetics and Fetal medicine” at University College London. In 2007 I received my PhD in Genetics from King’s College London, University of London, by investigating the non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidies and monogenic diseases, funded by the Fetal Medicine Center and supervised by Professor Kypros Nicolaides.
In collaboration with Professor Dennis Lo (the scientist who discovered free fetal DNA) we presented new findings published in some of the most reputable and prestigious journals. Having completed my studies on ethics, philosophy and religious dissertation, I was elected Associate of King’s College. I was retrained in Genetic Counseling from the European Genetics Foundation. I am an adjunct lecturer in postgraduate scientific degrees of the Medical School of the University of Thessaly and the undergraduate dregrees of the Departments of Medical Laboratory and Nursing at the Technological Institution of Thessaly since 2007.

Why to choose us

      • Safembryo is a specialized center which focuses on NIPT. We constantly monitor developments in the rapidly evolving field, and provide the best available options for every woman individually.
      • We are supported by scientific experts in the field of prenatal diagnosis.
      • Our scientific director has a longstanding clinical and research experience in NIPT, having received her PhD on this (University of King’s College London under the supervision of Professor K. Nicolaides), and having worked and published research on the most important scientific journals (Nature, Clinical Chemistry, Prenatal Diagnosis) with internationally leading scientists in the field including the initiator and “father” of free fetal DNA, Dennis Lo. She is also frequently invited speaker at international conferences on NIPT.
      • Our staff has appropriate training in order to offer high quality health services and follow the scientific developments of maternal-fetal medicine with continuous retraining.

      • Our specialized experience in the field of prenatal diagnosis and specific non-invasive and the deep knowledge of the technology used, can help pregnant to choose the most appropriate for this non-invasive test.
      • Our equipment is modern and high tech.
      • There is individualized and personal attention to every pregnant woman by our geneticist, which maintains constant the quality of our services.
      • We maintain permanent collaborations and direct communication with external reference centers.
      • Our appointments are predetermined and designed to have the least possible delay.
      • We ship our samples every day to United States and we report back results even during weekends and Bank Holidays.