Personalized medicine is an approach that emphasizes the characteristics of the disease that are unique but also different among people. Just like as we are among us in our external characteristics. These characteristics are based on the predisposition that has been written in our genetic material at birth, in conjunction with the environment and lifestyle of each of us.
DNA carries the genetic information, not only in the sense of transferring features from generation to generation, but also in the differentiation and specialization of each cell to perform its particular functions. The presence of a disease depends on both the genetic predisposition and the environmental effects and lifestyle of the individual.

DNA analysis is a valuable but necessary test that can detect polymorphisms in the human genome associated with genetic predisposition and/or increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndromes, gastrointestinal problems, etc


In the era of Personalized Preventive Medicine, knowledge of this predisposition is absolutely necessary in order to take the necessary preventive measures (usually through dietary interventions) and to make appropriate interventions in the immediate environment and lifestyle to avoid or delay the appearance of the disease, thus providing the person with an extended and improved quality of life.

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Nutrition and Health ygeia-diatrofhWe all know that the relationship between diet and health is immediate. Our nutritional and personal habits, under specific circumstances, can lead to a range of common conditions, such as cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndromes, etc. This is because the various substances in food affect the human genome, sometimes changing the expression or structure of the genes.


Is there a test like this today?
 While a few years ago such a control was in the realm of imagination, today we bring Genetix23 Genetic  Genetic Tests to Greece for the first time, giving you the most complete nutrition information that suits you and showing the predisposition to common disorders which through proper nutrition and personal lifestyle can be prevented (primary prevention).
The value of these Tests in terms of prevention is very important, because everyone can through the personalized Genetic Nutrition that is right for him to improve the function of his organization in important health areas such as:
1. Heart function
2. Metabolism and therefore obesity
3. Its immune system
4. Control his weight
5. Insulin resistance
6. The functioning of the vitamin B complex, something very important and very timely for all of us.

Read more information in the Genetix23 brochure.

All this is accomplished by applying the appropriate Personal Genetic Nutrition and taking the necessary formulations of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements that may be recommended by your healthcare professional after the nutritigenetics analysis: that is, in a perfectly natural way!

Genetix23 HEALTH test

If you are looking for a comprehensive overview of what the future could hold for you then our HEALTH test is for you. This test reports on 56 different factors that include:-

  • Weight control.
  • Type 2 Diabetes risk.
  • Risk of Obesity.
  • Cardiovascular risk (hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, heart attack, cerebrovascular accident, coronary problems).
  • Oxidative stress.
  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • Control of certain other pathological risks.
  • Achieve a weight increase/loss (controlling lipids, carbohydrates and other nutrients intake).
  • Reduce/eliminate symptoms in case of having gastrointestinal problems (linked to alimentary intolerances).
  • Assimilation of up to 750 food types.
  • Select the right sport to practice according to the results that you are looking for.
  • Immune system improvement (due to a correct vitamin and mineral intake).
  • Eating behaviour (lack of appetite, nutritional behaviour and satiety)


See in more details all the factors and genes that are studied in the following table:

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Once your genetic profile mapping is complete, it turns into a personalized report of over 40 pages that provides you with personalized advices for your health and nutrition life customized based on your unique DNA profile.

See a complete sample of the results here .


What Results Can I Have?
 By doing the test you can have results related to diet, disease predisposition, athletic performance, child obesity.

More analytically tested genes related to: metabolism of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, trace minerals, minerals and fiber, coffee metabolism, alcohol, salt, gluten intolerance and lactose.

Moreover genetic screening is offered for disorders such as thrombophilia, type II diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome.

In terms of athletic performance, we test the predisposition for: high athletic odds, genetic modifications associated with the choice of appropriate sports and training, predisposition for thrombosis, coronary artery disease. 

Dietary interventions

Dietary interventions include, among other things, a reduction in saturated fatty acid consumption, an increase in omega-6-unsaturated fatty acid uptake, an increase in calcium and vitamin D intake, increased consumption of cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts), and antioxidant-rich dietary supplements and phytoestrogens.

Changing Lifestyle
 runningChanging lifestyle includes, among other things, increased physical exercise, weight reduction, frequent monitoring and monitoring of quantitative parameters (cholesterol, HDL triglycerides, LDL, etc.) as well as early onset of pre-symptomatic drug therapies.

What is it that makes Genetix23 tests superior to any other similar tests?

Genetix23 are genetic tests that have emerged after long-term research in labs in specialized laboratories abroad in the field of nutrition combined with health, metabolism and skin.
Genetix23 tests include the most complete genetic analysis with most polymorphisms by category from any other test.
Their biggest asset, however, is the detailed (according to scientific findings) answer, which is given in a very illustrative and simple way so that it is understandable to all.

The interpretation of the results and the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations given are the characteristics that make the Genetix23 testís2